Tumbleweed Textiles, Frisco

Tumbleweed Texstyles is a clothing brand which caters to our heightened sensibilities of Texas state pride and lifestyle. Started by teachers, this business has proven fruitful both in creative Texas-centric (without losing it’s charm) design as well as sales. The north Texas based Flagship store sits heartily among a shopping district, finely curated with options that display their own work as well as contributions to partnerships with Texas based (or originated) brands Dr. Pepper and Whataburger.

Y’all, I have to say that I am personally a big fan of their comfortable tees (though some extended sizes are at times hard to find) and their stretchy button up casual shirts. Along the walls of the store, they feature art by Dolan Geiman, a collage-centric artist whom regularly creates pieces which highlight West Texas, adding to the boho-chic curation trend that has become popular recently. But, Tumbleweed Texstyles is the real freakin deal, y’all.

When in Frisco, you will be greatly disappointed if you do not make time to stop in and say hello. The staff is as warm as a Texas Summer and as friendly as our state motto itself. They recently released a new collection and as always I find myself pining for which of their pieces I will buy and wear first.

The track this week is a solid vintage “bop”, as the kids would say. Coming to us on 45, Sons of The Pioneers’ “Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds” was a key choice to accompany our location.

I’ll keep it brief this time, but until our next adventure, take care of one another.

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