Newspaper Rock, Moab, UT

In 1992, Disney released the movie “Newsies”, that follows a young Christian Bale as a newsboy who leads a strike in 1899 New York. The musical is loosely based on the actual 1899 strike of newsboys over fair wages.

Little did I know that nearly two decades after enjoying the film that I would be pursuing a degree in Communications, looking to find ways to expand my own writing.

I thought that maybe I would be a columnist. I hoped to follow in the footsteps of writers whom I respect; that my work would land in well established newspapers or magazines that I subscribe to. As much as this blog attempts to be an open love letter to Houston and beyond; a retrospective on the City that I grew up in and finds along the way, I haven’t moved to gain that kind of following.

As a student, I learned about the kind of writing that makes the front page; sharp and poignant, informative and timely writing. The content that we consume is ordered by where the lede is placed.

None of that seems to matter as it applies to writings on a wall.

Our location this week is Newspaper Rock in Moab, Utah. Moab is a lively town, focused on nearby National Parks. It’s identity is not completely shaped by it’s proximity to those locations however are particularly shaded by the same.

What the Newspaper Rock does represent is a story that lasts over time. Decade upon decade, the story is told until the symbols lose their meaning to the people trying to read them.

Maybe instead of writing for print media, this is all more aligned to poetry.

The track this week is “I Read a Lot” by our favorite luchador mask wearing surf rock band, Los Straightjackets. I almost used “Bad News” by Kanye, but after the last week of West in the press, I found that the selected track was more appropriate for the week. It feels epic.

And whether or not you think this is more storytelling, poetry or somewhere between; the news here is that there is something to continue to write for.

Until next week, take care of one another.

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