Smith and Bell St., Houston

This week, I wanted to highlight a piece of Houston that is unique as well as both familiar and a mystery all the same to me. At the intersection of Smith and Bell St. in Downtown, there is an elevated walkway that curves around at least 3 major buildings. I imagine that in moments of a return to work, the city streets are crowded as is the walkway with businesspeople on their way to make official decisions.

However, in the age of Covid, as in the wee hours of the night, the streets remain quiet as do the walkways.

If I were filming a music video, this walkway would be a high priority focus of locations. Something about a continuous circle appeals to my senses for a prolonged shot of a verse or two.

This area is unique in it’s design, among many of the Houston Corporate America Industry outpost locations. When my mother worked as a secretary for a Fortune 500 Downtown, we would pass this intersection on the way home. I remember a few instances of joining her at her workplace. I was lured by the luster of shiny and solid objects that composed the sky-scraping structure of a building that truly only resembled a radiator.

This walkway, in design was a far cry from a boxy and cubicle derived standard.

I never thought that I would work for a Corporation, as I followed other non profit career opportunities early out of high school and through College. I didn’t know if I had a temperament that would best be served in specific structures. I watched the very serious professionals with whom my mother worked with and for, and I thought to succeed in those workplaces, I would have to dispel any humor from my demeanor. “Tighten Up”, if you will.

As it turns out, I did find Corporate Employment and while I may not crack every joke I can think of, I am able to express who I am regularly. I don’t commute into Downtown, as our location is outside of the City limit. We have no walkways, but there are days that I think corporate life moves in a cycle.

The track this week is Archie Bell & The Drells’ “Tighten Up”. Possibly the most recognized track by the Houston based Soul Group, “Tighten Up” is a funky hand clapping groove that was made to dance to. Bell himself even admits to “dancing just as good as we like” on the track.

Maybe I am enthralled in life moving in cycles, and that I am beginning to track patterns as I take a step back. Maybe there are times in 2020 that I feel like I have been running in circles. Maybe I just want to dance “just as good as we like” right now, despite the many obstacles that present themselves. Maybe it’s a mix of all of the above, but to end this week; I really only want to remain in awe of the things that I don’t quite understand. Remain thankful for the opportunity to share that and elevate whenever possible to the beat of my own soundtrack.

Take care of one another, y’all.

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