Luckenbach, Texas

Imagine finding a place long memorialized by a country song which in part might be a cause for a lack of signage reappropriated by aficionados from far and wide. That’s right; a place south of Fredericksburg in Gilispe County where there are few signs, mediocre gps directions, and a wavering soundtrack stumbling across the fm transmitter plugged into your vehicle. Subtract sunlight visibility, add 8 hours of driving back from Lubbock already logged, and even as a quick stop for a shot and a stretch of legs Luckenbach feels like a beacon evolving from the needle in the haystack. I was proud to say I found it, reminiscent of the many beautiful nights I have spent in the Texas Hill Country over the years, and then made a return back to Houston.

Waylon Jennings waxed poetic about the area in our title track this week. The song addresses a need to get back to basics from a successful albeit complicated city life. Maybe this is a good reminder for us all since, personally, I have a tendency to get caught up in the details of daily living and as a result, give away valuable time in exchange for concern.

I need a little more Luckenbach this week, I hope you benefit from it as well.

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