Gallery Furniture, Houston

Jim McIngvale is a busy man. His time is valuable which makes his words straightforward. But, even in the most harrowing of times, “Mattress Mack” moves swiftly and backs up what he believes. He stands by what he promotes; working to find success and joyfully helping those in need.

Anyone who grew up in Houston circa the 1980’s can almost immediately recite Mack’s infamous signoff at every commercial spot. “Gallery Furniture saves… you… money!” While the slogan has changed over the years or a special promotion might be in place, I doubt you will find anyone who has seen the commercials, billboards or flyers that will tell you differently. Also, Gallery Furniture would convince you that they don’t operate with frustrating “back, back, backorder slips!”. If you buy it today, it can be delivered to your home tonight, as the man of the hour will promise you.

I’ve always appreciated business owners who immerse themselves in their product lines. I find that it not only adds value to their testimonials, but it equips them to authentically provide off the cuff remarks about what they actually think. They have “skin in the game”, so to speak that encourages return buyers. Mack has long been an advocate for “solid, hard wood, Made In America furniture”. While many companies use tools such as planned obsolescence to influence your return business, Gallery Furniture takes a different approach. They would rather you invest in pieces you can pass down between generations. In the long run, a company that started with $5,000 in an abandoned model home park has grown to 3 large retail locations across town. I think Mattress Mack does more than immerse himself in his products; he immerses himself in Houston and is building something he can continue to pass down each day more valuable than the last.

Gallery Furniture is open 7 days a week, Mack is at the North Freeway Store each day they are open. He hosts meals for customers and his team, as well as special community outreach programs. When Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, Mack was one of the first to open his doors for hurricane relief, even if he will try to convince you it was many other First Responders. He sent his furniture Delivery Trucks to assist in moving a flooded city to safety. He organized donations for families in need of food, shelter, and supplies to rebuild. He was not the only one, but he made sure to do everything he could to help.

Previously, we have featured the “Be Someone” Bridge on the blog. After Harvey, that bridge was temporarily change to read “Be Mattress Mack.” Mack isn’t awarded undue praise, but what I think most Houstonians, myself included, appreciate about Mack is that we see ourselves. He has embedded himself in Houston culture, and represents the City well in that he continues to be someone who says what he means and sticks to it.

The track is a feature of Houston’s own Paul Wall rapping alongside Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone. I honestly have some confusion as to whether or not this was a parody track or just a heartfelt dedication to Houston’s rap style and as a subject Mack within it. As I understand it, Kennedy had a show greenlit after the success of “Malibu’s Most Wanted” in 2006. This song is a highlight from the show and was a part of the soundtrack. Admittedly, I prefer the offbeat find of this, even if it is a parody, because I enjoy the creativity and the tune is well crafted. You can hear a sample of McIngvale looped in the chorus.

If you have a chance to travel up 45 and need furniture, stop in and see Mack. I am sure he’ll Save You Money.

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