Colin Street Bakery, Corsicana

I have featured Corsicana before in my travels, but what you may more notably recognize from this small, North Texas town is it’s phenomenally large culinary contribution. At the Collin Street Bakery, the largest mail order fruitcake business has been running since 1896.

What I really enjoy about CSB is that the history of the bakery is honest about entrepreneur and baker “Gus” Weidmann first facing hardship on his own before meeting and merging with Thomas McElwee. Gus worked the kitchen, baking many treats while Thomas worked the front of house. Within 5 years of working together, the duo was ready to expand the operation to a second location.

I can confidently say that fruitcake may be one of the most misunderstood foods. As the topic of jokes due to the shelf life ability of the dessert, the fruitcake itself was a relic of a different way of life. It was commonly referred to as the gift that was sent from a distant relative that no one really talked to or whom was ostracized. As such, the cake was thought to be able to survive the elements of extended delivery timeframes. However, the spice-heavy and dense dough may be getting an unfair shake if you don’t know ways to liven the experience. So, when driving through Corsicana, learn the proper way to enjoy a cake, as well as picking up a couple for the road.

When I arrived at CSB, they were one of the first businesses that I have seen that have electric car charging capabilities. Just another way that the business is moving along with the times.

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