Houston Police Department Museum

Houston, like many major metropolitan areas, has a complicated relationship with law enforcement.

We have a tumultuous history, filled with unhealthy interdependence at best. Like teenagers, we crave yet deny our preference towards clear boundaries. We come up with rules (of law) that we think hypothetically are best practice, yet simultaneously create exceptions to those same practices. In doing so, we allow ourselves a level of plausible deniability when whichever side of the fence that we fall on after something occurs allows us a futile sense of separation.

Policing a City of our scope and size is not a job that leaves room for error. It is not a job that I envy. Every situation that one encounters in that role requires an officer’s full attention and effort. Patterns and routine may develop over time, but expectation of no routine seems to be more prominent.

Our location for the week is located within the Houston Police Department Central Station. The Houston Police Department Museum showcases decades of memorabilia and police technology that has contributed to our shared history together.

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