Houston Farmer’s Market

I must have been in or between third and fifth grade or so when as a class, I was escorted on a field trip to The Port of Houston. We discussed the importance of global trade; our imports and exports that pass through Houston’s ship channel.

As a way to highlight the many goods traded, the second part of our trip found us at the Houston Farmer’s Market. At the time, in the 90’s, the Market hadn’t had the renovations that are currently displayed. There were plenty of vendor stalls that sold various fruits and vegetables. However, the most important vendor at the market to a very young elementary student was the sugar cane vendor. They would wallop the canes with just enough force that the result would be a fibrous mouthful of sweet bliss.

The product was cheap enough that an elementary student could readily acquire. It felt good to have a small treat alongside the educational reinforcement. And, most importantly, it was something that felt local.

Since that visit in the 90’s the Farmer’s Market has sustained many seasons. Most recently, there has been a revitalization project that has afforded a much needed facelift. Popular Houston centric chefs have invested in restaurant offerings that pull from the fresh ingredients available from the vendors.

The track this week is “Omega” by Black Market Brass. I chose the intro of the song as it builds up with diverse drums as I find fitting for the market.

I realize that the past week and a half or so, things have been a bit radio silent. I honestly just underestimated my need for a small break. The events of Uvalde and the end of the regular school year sort of knocked me on my ass and I wanted to make sure that I was in a space to produce art instead of throwing things together. I’ve taken some time and space and am looking forward to a wonderful Summer.

Until we meet again, take care of yourselves and one another.

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