Jacob’s Well Natural Area

Drive yourself out to Hays County. The scenic Hill Country is a brief escape from Houston yet seems like worlds away. Jacobs Well Natural Area is in the heart of Hays County, in Wimberly. The walk from the parking lot to the actual well is a short trek, though worth the effort. Imagine deep blue and green water against the backdrop of limestone.

Advance reservations are required for a small use fee and shifts are assigned for visitors both swimming as well as those exploring the trails. I’d recommend checking the site for the natural area well in advance as there is a limited season for access.

Once inside the park area, the water is cold; as frigid as the water is crystal clear. The reservation system does limit the number of visitors so that the water is not overpopulated. You can relax in the well’s diving area or hang out in a small wading pool with a small breeze proving to be refreshing as you adjust to the sun over time.

This week’s track is “Summertime” By Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince. I’ll spare you the conundrum of conflict on whether or not to approve the track in light of Will Smith’s Oscar Infamy. Just enjoy the groove like it’s a warm summer day.

Let the music transform you. And get out there to explore. You’ll thank me when you do.

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