American Banjo Museum, Oklahoma City, OK

Oklahoma City is a vibrant place filled with various culminations of culture and art. It has ties to both bluegrass and country as well as Midwest rock sensibilities. OKC is a crossroads in ways that other southern cities are credited with more frequently, but pay no mind to the incognito reputation credit, the vibe that I get from OKC is that they prefer to be underrated, just as Houston does.

The result finds us with some real sleeper picks for locations that allow travelers to really delve into without the pomp and circumstance of more heavily discussed cities. The American Banjo Museum is one of those same gems. It may not have all of the shine of it’s contemporaries, but is filled with a rich and meaningful history.

I selected the track this week as quite possibly the most recognizable banjo song of our time (thanks Hollywood!) but it also features the instruments’ possibilities.

So, make a little time and when you have a chance to explore OKC, make sure you stop in and say hello. You’ll be glad you did!

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