Eiffel Tower, Paris, Texas

Hello this week from Amsterdam! Yep, you read that right; we made it across the Atlantic for a much needed Spring Break getaway as well as some return to whatever normalcy we can begin to cling to as the world slowly begins to reopen. So, let’s celebrate in the best way that I can think of; with stories and song.

I had long ago heard of Paris, Texas and thought that the replica Eiffel Tower equipped with it’s own cowboy hat was exactly the kind of content that I wanted to feature on the blog. It’s quirky and endearing in the ways that remind me of why I love Texas so much. Texans might be the friendliest people I know. I realize that there is a clear bias here, however, I am confident in saying that at the best of times Texans are the first to open our doors to one another and to those in need. We’ll brag about where we are from, but alongside welcoming you in for a warm meal and some of the best stories.

So, I found Paris, Texas as we made our way back to Houston from a stay in Tulsa. The Northeast Texas town sits just south of the Oklahoma border. It’s much smaller that I’d expected, but in a way I think that adds to it’s charm. The area is developed, but in a way that doesn’t feel overcrowded. We stopped off at the monument and made pretty good time getting back on the road after snapping some quick and cute couples photos.

I honestly thought that Paris, Texas would be the closest I would ever get to Paris, France until my daughter was much older. I have always dreamed of being a more international traveler, but through a mix of appreciating what national landmarks are more local to me and a hovering sense of impending “responsible” decisions; Europe presented as more of a pipe dream than reality. When I held a corporate job, I once imagined a 3 week vacation throughout many European cities. If I could just use all of my sick bank days, I would have been able to squeak out an itinerary. Yet, alas, I reprioritized my life (and career path, thankfully).

The track this week is “Under Paris Skies” by Chris Connor. It’s a jazz ballad that inspires me to grab a dance partner and pull them a little closer to the pace of the drum. It’s an elegant track, the way that I imagine The City of Lights presents itself.

Much like dancing, sometimes it takes a partner to push me a little further than I would maybe venture on my own. The steps are laid out, but the pattern to arrive always seems new and exciting. This is certainly the case for explaining my first trip to Amsterdam as well as (in less than 24 hours) Paris, France. As a combined Christmas and Birthday gift, Kristen surprised me with airfare and accommodations. It has been wonderful just learning how to vacation again, as well as with a partner to rely on.

So, you may see more international content on the way for the blog (which is big news!) through the lens of discovery that sometimes is lost on the locations that feel more familiar to me around Houston.

If you are an educator reading this, congrats on making it to Spring Break! And if you’re not, thank the ones that you know. Let’s take care of one another, y’all! Until next time!

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