Stevie The Bus, Houston, Texas

When my daughter was born, I decided that I wanted to make a non (or at least less) contentious holiday “ours”. Coparenting has indeed been a struggle, despite the best intentions. Thanksgiving and Christmas are a juggle and frankly I don’t currently have the custody schedule that I want. None of that means that I love my daughter any less and instead am trying to make the most of the limited time that we have together.

What that dictates for Valentines Day for us (or the visit closest) is a facilitated photo shoot. Ideally, my daughter will look back at those photos and see how much time and effort went into creating something special.

Last year, I was fortunate to find @steviethebus which is a traveling photo business that hosts shoots with both a vintage VW bus and Volkswagon Beetle. The company offers mini sessions with the set up as well as options to use their professional photography skills.

The photos we took turned out great and I wanted to feature the bus in time for your next event or session needs.

I don’t know if this Valentine’s Day tradition will carry well past my daughter’s teen years, although I hope they do. What I do know is that documenting this time together is important. And if you are ever in a place where you question whether or not to take the photos, I will forever recommend taking that time and opportunity.

The track this week is “The Wheels on The Bus” by @raffi. I listened to Raffi’s music as a kid and thought that with the mobile nature of the business and the VW we shot with, the track is perfect. It captures the childlike joy and enthusiasm that I felt in sharing a really cool and well preserved automobile.

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