Sengelmann Hall, Schulenburg, Texas

This week our location has historically haunted roots. In the small town of Shulenburg, noted as a great place to stop between Houston and San Antonio, lies Sengelmann Hall. The Dance Hall built in 1894, has been restored to serve as restaurant, saloon, event venue and beer garden. It is rumored that at night you can hear a lively polka band playing tunes even though the venue is empty. The small town of 2500 with the motto “Halfway to Everywhere” embraces the folklore of the building.

The architecture itself is stunning and a reminder of a different time and the success of the renovation is a nod to why preserving historic sites is important. I chose this location with the idea that those walls in over 100 years have so many stories to tell.

The track this week is from Broken Bells’ 2010 “The Ghost Inside”. I actually almost thought to use a lower key Postal Service track, but the idea of including a track with the ghost connection was fitting. Plus, what good is including a song for a dancehall that doesn’t inspire me to dance? The official music video for the release is worth your time. It features Christina Hendricks as a space captain who is forced to exchange limbs from her body to attempt to get where she wants. The symbolism of leaving a piece of ourselves also really tracks for me to this location.

So, when you find yourself near Schulenburg, stop in and find some of the hospitality that they offer. Enjoy your time, dance a little and listen for the sound of maybe a polka band.

Until next time, take care of one another!

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