The Printing Museum, Houston

Wendel Phillips is quoted with saying “What gunpowder has done for the war the printing press has done for the mind.” Houston’s Printing Museum is indeed a living and breathing embodiment of that sentiment. Where as news was once typeset for reading, additional use of printmaking is displayed through art and collective artist residencies.

It is not lost on me that even in the age of blogging (or even post blog age writing), that what we say matters. The experiences that we live are shaped by our perception and the details that we recognize in those moments.

Some of the most beautiful artworks are primarily about the time that an artist takes to include specific details. Within the process of creation, each decision is an inclusion that can reshape or reframe a piece.

The Printing Museum has been open for 40 years, showing the many ways that print is both relevant and impactful in our lives today.

The track this week to pair with our location is “If I possessed a printing press” by George Hamilton IV. It’s a shellac 78 and a sweetheart of a find.

So, with the power of publishing at the first post of 2022, the real question is what will we find this year? I have a great feeling about where we will share.

Take care of one another. It’s as plain as black and white.

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