Richmond & Sage, Houston

Shiny Happy People was the right fit for this week as I contemplated the many possibilities of iterations to pair with the metal designed circular street sign set in Houston’s galleria area. The mirror finish chromatic structure flashes distorted shadow reflections of the traffic below, as it remains untarnished by the elements.

R.E.M. was a powerhouse in the 80’s and 90’s; a band famously from Georgia who brought us hits like “Losing My Religion”, “It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)” and “Man on the Moon”. Lead singer Michael Stipe’s piercing voice transcends the psyche, and when paired with Kate Pierson’s (from “The B-52’s” fame) the mix is a perfect tune to define a shiny happy feeling.

I grew up taking the city’s public bus system for a time in high school. The number 25 line would take me up and down Richmond until I ended up in my own vehicle traveling the same. Near this intersection was the closest Best Buy store to my house. The opposite side of Richmond had a Chipotle and Spec’s, which in tandem would make this area prime real estate for a teen to twenty something male who was interested in shiny new electronics. However, I never signed up for the credit cards to buy all of the electronics I wanted and instead would work toward making the best of what I could afford.

Every time I return to this area, I think of those bus rides. A stretch from the comfort of owning all of those small conveniences that at one time I wished so hard that I could make happen, the car I own now isn’t flashy, but it’s mine. And, I am thankful to have everything that I need to live a modest but full life. It may not exactly be the most glamorous, but I would trade all of that excess to find and live happily.

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