House of Pies, Houston, Texas

Houston’s House of Pies holds a special place in my heart. The location on Kirby was a solid late night dive during my high school years. In college, the Westheimer location was a frequent stop.

There is something magical about a freshly prepared slice of pie. Even better if that slice follows some diner staples. There is comfort in that dish, whether served warm, cold, meringue or al a mode.

House of Pies was my go to choice of birthday dessert. It has been a solid option during the holidays when I need something in a pinch for work or friends.

But, what really stands out to me this week is the opportunity to share with the community around us. Frankly, one of the reasons that I have continued my patronage of House of Pies is that the restaurant has been an establishment open to all communities, even when it may have not have been in fashion to do so.

Houston has a beautiful LGBTQIA+ community. And while I would hope that our values as a City have historically been inclusive, what I am reassured of is that there have been safe havens, such as House of Pies that act as a refuge. It’s a place where the adage “a slice of Heaven” rings true.

So, whether you need a pie to share for the holiday or even just want a quick stop from a crazy day, I cannot recommend House of Pies enough.

The track this week is “Heaven is a Place on Earth” by Belinda Carlisle. The 80’s smash fits like a puzzle to this week’s location.

I hope that you have a place to land this Thanksgiving. I hope that you are warm and well. And I hope that you are able to share, at least in one way something that you are thankful for.

Let’s take care of one another.

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