Peacock Records, Houston, Texas

Tracy Lawrence once capitalized on the phrase “Time Marches On”, ultimately reinforcing that whether we want or expect it to, the world continues to change. Sometimes, those changes appear refreshing. Sometimes, those changes are painful. Mostly, these changes are a bit bittersweet.

In Houston’s Fifth Ward, the site of the former Peacock Records still stands. It is identified with a historical marker, signifying a story that started well long before our 21st century. The local record label began to produce and press not only local R&B favorites but dropped some gospel gems before it merged into ABC/Peacock.

Admittedly, it’s hard to wax poetic about a place that I didn’t ever see in it’s heyday, but I feel called to incorporate it in the blog because it is still a part of Houston.

Houston is in the news this week after tragedy at the Astroworld Festival. I wasn’t there either, so while stories become headlines and continue to come in, I’ll leave the speculation on what could have been to the lawyers and give my heart to the families mourning. Loss is frustrating, confusing and takes time to heal from. But I think that healing finds a way to grab hold of us. It’s just unpredictable.

The track this week is “Swing Low” by The Mighty Clouds of Joy. Outside of the fact that I wanted to represent Peacock Records with something that it birthed in this record, I don’t have a kitschy pun or further connection. But, I hope this week we just marinate. Listen to where Houston was, what Houston is and where you find yourself today either near or far.

Time may indeed continue to march on, but we’re working hard to never be forgotten.

Until we meet again, take care of one another, y’all.

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