MF Doom Mural, Houston

I’ll admit that I am not the biggest MF Doom fan that has ever existed. But, I respect the contribution that the artist also know as Daniel Dumile made to the genre of hip hop as well as his business savvy that afforded him multiple iterations across many different labels.

There was a point when I was young that I thought that a record deal would be the way that I left Houston. Was I skilled at playing an instrument? Not really. But, I can write songs, so that was something.

In reality, I have realized that the way that I write is actually almost completely opposite of the way that the rest of the industry writes. So, in a sense, it would take a really informed beatmaker or producer to direct me as an artist. I have learned this about myself.

But, since transparency is key, the songs I would compose as a teen lived mainly in my mind. This was in an era well before I had access to recording equipment. So, I lived in a time of live performance.

Was it just me who made up songs as a very small child? The older I grew, the more the music quieted. It hasn’t left, but takes more time to find as each day passes.

As an adult, I have recorded some pieces, usually in fun or for specific causes. I donated my talents to my corporate job on rewording songs for internal use in that industry. While none of those have landed me a record contract, the more I realize that I don’t actually have that dream anymore.

The track this week is the fitting Gorillaz song “November Has Come” which features MF Doom before the timely chorus. In my search for the proper song to feature, some major records came across my desk. But, it was the calendared lyric that won the day. Doom isn’t even credited on the LP, which also lends to the mystique that was the underground MC’s M-O. He made music for himself and hip hop heads instead of for the radio.

So, when you pass this one in the streets, respect the work put in, the artistry, and make sure you capitalize the letters in his name.

Until next week, take care of yourselves and one another.

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