North Little Rock City Hall, Arkansas

I took a trip through the Memphis Delta, making stops along the way for gas and sustenance. As I plotted as well as I could, sometimes the delays in travel were unavoidable. Adding to this confusion might also include forgetting my debit card in Texarkana.

Little Rock is possibly most synonymous with former U.S. President Bill Clinton. There is a Presidential Library, a Presidential Park Bridge and Presidential Museum.

But, ultimately, along the journey while I was making my way across the country I didn’t make it to any of those landmarks this time around. The weather had taken a turn, I was losing daylight and I was more focused on the song which I remembered from radio play as I was a kid.

Many of these late ’80’s and early ’90’s country songs that played on the local station have been pretty fun to hunt down on vinyl, some 30 years later. Before many other genre’s returned to producing music on 45’s, many of these finds were once stacked in the jukebox of local beer joints.

I didn’t exactly evaluate the message of the song we are featuring; “Little Rock” by Reba McEntire, until years later. The tune stuck with me; an upbeat piece that makes me want to sway from side to side. And, if as a child growing up in the 90’s didn’t make you think of Reba’s musical career, maybe it was her role in “Little Rascals” as A.J. Ferguson. I digress. But the message of slipping off a wedding ring in order to pursue something different doesn’t ring true to myself.

I survived a divorce in my twenties. It was a mix of both the hardest thing that I had been through to date as well as something that better allowed me to become more of who I am today. I won’t get into specifics, but ultimately, communication was not prioritized. We married young and slowly grew apart, even if by small degrees. Divorce can be a devastating and emotional, even if entered into with the best of intentions. Years later, and much work done on myself (for myself), I am better able to identify and communicate my own needs and emotions.

So, knowing the above, City Hall (site of many matrimonial unions) was a key for the song. North Little Rock, on the northern side of the Arkansas River, pairs well with the tune this week.

Until our next adventure, friends, take care of one another.

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