Market Square, San Antonio

I try not to operate with destination bias, but San Antonio sticks out to me as one of those cities that I could find myself moving to (maybe in retirement) at some point. I spent a couple of years after high school in nearby Central Texas and there were plenty of opportunities to explore San Antonio.

The Historic Market Square (or El Mercado, as it were) is one of those anomaly spots to me. There is plenty of foot traffic, people strolling through the area, but equally able to become as individualized as you would like.

There are plenty of vendors in the Market’s indoor and outdoor venue. On those especially hot days, find yourself enjoying a cold margarita on the open patio area. On the cooler days, stroll along with some Abuela brand hot chocolate or coffee. The vendors carry many beautiful Mexican imports. Talavera pottery, textiles, t shirt shops and home decor line the walls of the vendors.

It seems that each time I find myself in San Antonio, I am picking up a dress for my daughter and/or a ceramic sugar skull before indulging in a delicious plate from Mi Tierra restaurant and bakery.

Feel like donating to a Catholic convent? Market Square has you covered. Want to meet Elvis with a San Antonio spin? Market Square has you covered.

This week’s track is “San Antonio Stroll” by the incomparable Tanya Tucker. The song is a great waltz-y ballad that focuses on the twang and crack of Tucker’s signature sound. I love the song as it encapsulates a pace of which I envision strolling down the San Antonio highlight.

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