Arches National Park, Moab, UT

Here we have arrived, at the base of another adventure together, or possibly at the end of a previous read. I wonder at times, whether or not others who tune in have read this in real time or if they take these experiences in as chapters and blocks. No matter your preference, welcome again even if for the first time.

This week’s travels takes us to the great state of Utah to find Arches National Park in Moab. A gem of the National Park Service, the location offers plenty of recreational activities with gorgeous views, though I most highly recommend the park’s scenic tour by automobile. Of the locations that I have experienced, Arches is the first I can recall who caters to the tour by auto idea. The gift shop even offers 1930’s esque WPA vintage looking posters and artwork.

This week’s musical pairing is “Underneath the Arches” by Art Mooney and his Orchestra. In listening to the song, I appreciate the whimsy I imagine as I recall traveling the park. It reminds me of a pleasant stroll of a pace that allows for appreciating all that is around you.

Speaking of appreciation, this marks the 200th Boombox Post since the inception of the blog. Mainly a weekly installment, I am both grateful as well as proud of what we have shared. I will continue to add to the current growing list of locations with travel, sharing stories that hold meaning in my life and seeing many of the locations that you graciously share as well. Thank you for your generosity and wealth of information as well as feedback in these 200 posts.

To further celebrate, I am proud to announce that I have compiled a list of all current posts (and a few more already scheduled) with pertinent information (address, status, song selection) that I will be offering to subscribers for the low cost of $25.00 made payable as a donation on the site. Once payment is received, the resource will be emailed as a PDF as well as a personalized note. Feel free to use the resource as an easy guide for your next Scavenger Hunt, Cultivated City Guide, or Personal “Bucket List” Photo Resource. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

As I type, I am actually already working on more adventures to add to the story and journey that we are on. I am grateful for the support along the way and am really excited about sharing some of these recent finds.

Until next time, friends, let’s take care of one another, y’all.

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