The Neon Museum, Las Vegas, NV

There are places that I have visited that I enjoy, and then there are places I deeply connect with. The Neon Museum falls in the latter for me.

The Neon Museum combines an intricate history of Las Vegas institutions alongside innovative ways to present the history.

I first went to Vegas in 2017, though I think I spent most of my time outside of Vegas, as I was able to book a chartered tour of The Grand Canyon. I had friends who allowed me to crash at their place and I did my best to avoid the Strip as the gambling and drinking weren’t really my scene.

However, outside of the Strip lies The Neon Museum, who carries vintage neon signs that are retired and restored after years of use. Tours are available to photograph the signs, as well as guided tours that frame the history and development of Las Vegas itself.

My last trip to Vegas was actually originally planned to visit The Grand Canyon and turned out to deliver a comped night at a local hotel on The Strip from the same friends who allowed me to stay with them in 2017. The Neon Museum was also on the top of my lists to visit.

After my 2017 excursion, the museum opened a second exhibit that projects images on signs that have been deemed inoperable. The exhibit provides an infinite life for what once stood as shining beacons along the boulevard.

When you are presented with the options of tours at the museum, make time for both. You won’t be disappointed.

The track this week is “All Of The Lights” by Kanye West. I felt that it was appropriate given the nature of the museum, but also, because Vegas is known for the shining representations that it conjures. It provides hopes, even if at times a mirage, of something greater.

Vegas may never be my City, but I know where I can always land if need be. I can even spot it from above.

Until next time, take care of one another.

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