Houston Fire Museum

I have never had the (pleasure?) of having to break glass in the event of Emergency, despite what many ’90’s movies might have convinced us to be prepared for. That being said, I am thankful that I haven’t had to put out too many fires. Mainly, because in a sense, I have a tendency to mind my own business and remain unaware of signals otherwise.

Once, when I was at the corporate gig, I walked past a bathroom that apparently someone may have been smoking in as the maintenance staff rushed into for the sake of containing a budding tinder of paper products. I was just focused on getting to the next door with my own situation.

The location this week, thankfully, exists to highlight a historical account of people who have in their own right never had the option to hyperfocus on themselves. It is that selflessness that helps describe the men and women who rush in to the Emergency, the talented Houston Fire Department.

The Houston Fire Museum is currently actually closed for renovation at this time, but as they return, I recommend you visit. This is a great location to bring your family to and venture to experience more about what it means to be a hero. No capes required.

The track this week comes from blog regular feature artist, Dessa. Her song “Fire Drills” appears on both her LP Chime, but was also released as a live cut on “Sound The Bells”. While the main arch of the song has nothing to do with actual firefighting, the theme of running fire drills just seems to be a great connection in my mind. So, here we are, featuring another wonderful track from the Twin Cities MC and songstress/writer.

We are quickly approaching 200 posts for the blog, and I am happy to announce that I will be releasing a great resource alongside the regular posts. So, be on the lookout in 2 weeks for that major addition that may indeed be a game changer. No fire drill here, people, this is what you have already prepared for.

Until we meet again, let’s take care of one another.

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