Screwed Up Records & Tapes, Houston

I met Lil KeKe at Cactus Music almost 4 years ago upon the 20 year anniversary repressing of his “Don’t Mess Wit Texas” release. It was a typical in store event for Cactus, with the artist meeting fans and signing records that can conveniently be purchased at the store. It’s not rocket science, and it’s a formula that works.

The Screwed Up Click Legend was multitasking through most of what I witnessed. If anything, no one can accuse the Self Made artist on sleeping on the right opportunities.

If you follow Lil KeKe on Instagram, you are likely familiar with sporadic updates that address what the artist calls Legend Talk. But, when an artist has had such an impactful presence in the sound of a City’s sound, the title is well deserved. Houston Rap is undoubtedly shaped by many individuals, including the screwed and chopped originator DJ Screw. Yet through the process of sampling the same wealth of knowledge is afforded to Lil KeKe, who may be one of the most widely sampled rappers around.

Screwed Up Records carries on DJ Screw’s legacy in promoting the culture that surrounds the music; S.L.A.B. (Slow, Loud and Bangin’), Gray Tapes and even the Pourin’ Up that was a main contributor to the slate Robert Earl Davis, Jr.’s passing.

I chose Lil KeKe’s “Platinum In Da Ghetto” this week because outside of the SUC affiliation, I dig this song because it reflects the artist that I admire to this day; encouraging people to follow their dreams, respect others by focusing on our own business/talent, and that never stop shining.

I watched The Sandlot a lot as a kid, and the line that sticks out to me from that movie is “Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die.” I think it’s clear to associate the late DJ Screw as a legend, but also to respect living legends like Lil KeKe while we still benefit from their wisdom.

Let’s take care of one another until our next adventure.

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