Armadillo Palace, Houston

I have long awaited being able to feature the giant Armadillo statue donning long horns at the front of Armadillo Palace. Armadillo’s innately scream Texas to me, even if Houston isn’t exactly the largest Armadillo capitol of the world. Located next to Goode Company Barbecue, The Armadillo Palace offers some upscale Texas cuisine Wednesday through Sunday as well as cold brew to enjoy music alongside a dance floor to two-step on. So, throw on your boots and get ready for a “Goode” time if you are in the area.

I am keeping the post extra short and sweet this week, because I have some pretty big things in the works that I hope you will very soon enjoy. And maybe I am thinking about figuring out how to dance more often to the beat of our collective drum.

The track this week is no other than “Let Your Heart Lead Your Mind” by The Smoking’ Armadillos, who I can only imagine would have been welcomed to perform their 1996 song at The Armadillo Palace on Kirby.

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