BBVA Compass Stadium, Houston

I used to play a bit of soccer as a kid. Nothing major, just local YMCA “everybody gets a trophy if your parent’s order one” stuff. I don’t know how much it taught me about teamwork as the sport at that age is more like herding than it is about developing strategy. We used words like teamwork and sportsmanship, but the real crux was staying uninjured and passing the ball to the fast kids.

I couldn’t tell you if I even had a position, other than we rotated goalie every so often to make it “fair”. That being said, I am not the largest American football fan to ever exist. But, as I get older and share interests with friends, being able to support the home teams is always a plus.

Where I will give credit to both The Houston Dynamo and The Houston Dash FC’s (Football Clubs, for those uninitiated)is that their fan base is really inviting. There is an energy surrounding the fans and sport that stands out as refreshing. Both teams play at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston, our featured location for the week.

Located on Houston’s East End, the large stadium has been a staple well before the popularity and infrastructure seen develop over the last decade. Admittedly, where nearby rent may have increased, it is still possible to get a ticket, drink and a souvenir at the stadium for a decent price.

The gameplay is engaging, the crowd participation is present, and the adoration is well earned.

The track this week comes from a 15 year old LP “Blue Collar” from veteran Chicago MC, Rhymefest. The song is “Dynomite (Going Postal)” and samples JJ from Good Times alongside scratches and that support a great tempo. The entire album is still one that I find myself coming back to. As a whole project, Rhymefest’s record includes master sampling, well thought out features, production and conceptual balance.

While the track may not actually name either The Dynamo nor The Dash, when I show up to BBVA, I am reminded of the well thought out stadium layout, affordable seating and the balance of learning something about a sport that many are passionate about.

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