Russell Stover Factory, Corsicana

Russell Stover operates three U.S. factories to produce their sweet confections. This Corsicana installment is a monument to the manufacturing possibilities to not only the sampler boxes that list out exciting bites but a multitude of sweet tastes that are individually wrapped. On site is a company store that carries the spoils of the production line. The storefront has both the freshest of items as well as a clear section set aside for factory seconds and things just out of season.

Most impressively, the store boasts a wide variety of the otherwise hard to find sugar free confections. The brittle is maybe my favorite, but trying all the varieties is an added bonus of buying from the source.

I chose “Disco Lucy” as the track this week as when I imagine a chocolate factory, outside of a Wonka reference, I am reminded of Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance’s superb performance on “I Love Lucy”. I remember watching Nick at Nite episodes of the reruns; the comedic pair caught up in a wildly hair-brained scheme that ultimately blows up in their faces. As far fetched as the premise can be at times, the joke always carried my attention above the plot details.

I have been covering the Red Scare in the History class I teach, and McCarthyism’s ties to attempt to seek to upend the “I Love Lucy” show happened to align with the sound byte background for the disco track.

So, as we gear up for the week, just think of something sweet. Summer is near and so are additional adventures. Take care of one another.

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