Buffalo Soldier National Museum

The Buffalo Soldiers were consistently called and responded both timely and in force since their formation in 1866. The title was provided to African American Calvary Soldiers by Native American tribes.

Ultimately, there is a storied history that is beautifully told at Houston’s National Buffalo Soldier Museum, located in midtown, near Houston Community College’s Central Campus. Despite the many disadvantages and prejudices that Buffalo Soldiers faced, they served with honor. I would recommend that for more information that you visit the Museum which houses the stories of countless distinguished servicemen.

Bob Marley provides us our soundtrack this week with a song of the same title as the moniker.

I returned from a Spring Break vacation road trip that has yielded plenty of new areas that I hope you will appreciate in time. I hope that they measure up to the gem of a location that this weeks feature is. However, I am keeping it short and sweet for now to recover and get ready for another beautiful day.

Take care of one another, y’all.

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