Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art, Fort Worth, Texas

I visited the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in hopes of catching a KAWS sculpture that drew my attention online. The style reminded me of a Mickey cartoon figurine without distinct features which at the same time might appear “melted”. I can’t describe what the artist may have been after with the piece, but I am a believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Contemporary Art is about the decisions that are made to include and refrain from including. Such a skillset is a valuable perspective.

The track this week comes from David Wilcox, singing “Leave it Like it Is” from his “How did you find me here?” LP. David’s songwriting ability is something that I have long admired. I was fortunate to see him play a concert about a decade ago from the pews of a unitarian church in Houston. The wooden seat made my rear a little numb by the end, but otherwise, it was a great show.

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