The Girl Scouts of San Jacinto, Houston, Texas

Today, Houston froze over in a way that many speculate hasn’t been seen in over 30 years. For that reason, I will try to make our post brief.

I grew up mainly across the highway from The Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Building, and at every opportunity, thinking about cookies when we passed and I saw the sign. My mother would usually order a box or two of Thin Mints over a selling season (always kept in the freezer, possibly to keep me away from the silver sleeves of chocolate and minty wafers). However, as I have long ago moved away from that apartment, I am struck by the principles which are reinforced through scouting. Honestly, it’s bigger than the boxes stacked on a table in front of the grocery store.

Scouting teaches so many kids some tenants of operating a small business, the importance of networking, it brings together kids from culturally diverse backgrounds as well as encourages them to implement confidence when speaking.

There are many things that I am not fond of about fundraising, even for the best of causes. However, I also understand demonstrating some of those principles and how it can shape the lives of the young scouts who practice it each season.

I would say that our track this week is somewhat of a play on our location. We are listening to a Sesame Street recording of the blue-furred Cookie Monster raspily singing “C is for Cookie”. When I passed the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto building, cookies used to be good enough for me. However now, as a father to a young daughter, I see the organization as a benefit to the ideals I hope that I am passing down.

Stay warm and take care of one another, Houston.

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