Harmony Wedding Chapel, Houston

“Love is patient, love is kind” is widely quoted from 1 Corinthians 13: 4 at many weddings. It is advice that stands the test of time.

And if we are honest, it puts a bow on the way that we describe love. Because, if more detailed, love can also be maddening, unpredictable, unrelentingly persistent and ambiguous. Equally thrilling and comforting.

I think that love is worthwhile to pursue and if lucky we find it. Love is challenging, .

But of the ways that love is expressed, unified through the bonds of marriage, a singular love is shared and bolstered.

The Harmony Wedding Chapel is a quaint little building that has always caught my eye driving down I 45 in Houston. I have once thought it to be a great place for a small celebration, if I ever decided to tie the knot. However, upon further inspection (and a lack of central Air Conditioning), I think it would have to be a winter wedding or the location of a really great wedding themed album photo shoot. Harmony Wedding Chapel and a vintage Cadillac or even Pickup Truck paired with the right powder blue Tuxedo seem like the kind of good time I could arrange.

The track this week is also a bit of a throwback, but plays in my head every time I pass by. It’s The Dixie Cups’ “Chapel of Love”. The 1964 hit was produced by Phil Spector who provided his “Wall of Sound” formula for the 3 woman group who previously performed as The Meltones.

I think that whether we define love as patient, kind, worthwhile in pursuit, persistent or maddening, if we look upon one another with love and kindness it will only stand to serve us in a way that maybe we have yet to only dream of.

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