The Spire, Houston

The Spire always had among the top 3 unique architectural designs in the City of Houston in my opinion. Once The First Church of Christ, Scientist with accompanying Christian Science Reading Room, the building was renovated into a nightclub ahead of the 2017 Super Bowl, hosted in Houston. At the time, owners reported to seek electronic music booking for about 60% of the time for the Vegas Style EDM club concept.

My Junior year of High School, I attended a Charter School Downtown only a few blocks away. The program was comprised of mainly pregnant teens, gang bangers, and kids biding their time to be old enough to drop out. I attended with hopes of being able to “work at my own pace” ahead of the schedule to make up for the many lost credits I forfeited during my Freshman year.

The Spire was still the Church when I was more frequently around it, though I remember the area being quite empty, even (and maybe especially because of) being Downtown. I didn’t spend too much time around the building, as I thought that I would have been invited in to take a personality test. Turns out, upon further review that while there are no personality tests, there also aren’t vaccinations. So, maybe it was for the better that I kept my distance at 17. Somehow the stars aligned. Many years later, the architectural design

Recently, The Spire has come under some scrutiny as a recent show in January was shut down by the Fire Marshall after occupancy concerns. Owners have attempted to reframe the narrative, advising that they feel targeted over racial bias. I can’t speak to either side.

What I can say is that in the state of pandemic combat that we have lived for the past year, I understand the temptation to just dance all night. Which, is why Paul Oakenfold’s “Starry-Eyed Surprise” just fits for me for The Spire. Until we all get to dance together again, I’ll be spinning this tune and dancing all night to this DJ.

Take care of one another y’all. And wear your mask.

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