Bergeron’s, Port Allen, LA

Any time that I make my way through Louisiana on a road trip, I set a path to try and find the crunchy, salty, chewy and rich treat known as Cracklin’. The pork skin treat is a fried delight that I have yet to be able to find outside of The Pelican State. Cracklin is served warm, and where “Chicharrones” or “Pork Rinds” are the texture of packing peanuts, Cracklin has a good part of the pork skin including congealed fat which makes for a delectable hearty bite. The difference in the texture, from what I have researched is the cut of the pork before it’s fried.

Bergeron’s has a few locations, though my personal favorite is in Port Allen. Just a bit west of Baton Rouge, I like Bergeron’s not only for the great Cracklin, but because I 10 usually slows down along the Baton Rouge bridge. Having a hearty snack (with a ice cold Cola) is exactly what the doctor ordered.

I found Bergeron’s on a roadtrip to New Orleans a few years back. Just ahead of Mardi Gras, it was one of those trips that you have a great time on, hope all the embarrassing photos haven’t saved in the cloud, and one which you can joke with your buddies about for years. As great of a time that we had in NOLA, I am aware that Louisiana is much broader muse and has more to offer than one (infamous) city.

I chose this week’s tune “High Blood Pressure” by Huey “Piano” Smith because of the salty and savory snack. While I referenced doctor’s orders, it is actually probably a good thing that I have yet to enjoy the treat more than occasionally. Salt and fat are key drivers in hypertension.

But, for the occasional road trip, let the good times roll!

Honorable mention to Houston’s “CAWS Cracklin” for being the closest hit to my Louisiana favorite. Support local, and take care of one another, y’all!

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