Dot Coffee Shop, Houston, Texas

I walked across a stage in the Hofheinz Pavilion before it was renamed to The Fertitta Center, confident and beaming with the satisfaction that all of the years of struggling to find the money to scrape together for tuition and books were soon to be behind me. Moreso, a bright future was within my grasp. I worked multiple jobs and internships to pay my way through school, hoping that indeed it would land me a creative endeavor or adventure.

I took my shot at both through creating and submitting a video resume for what was a dream job at a non profit that I once worked at much earlier in my career. I took a big swing and ultimately, went another direction as the position was awarded to another qualified applicant.

Yet, even before that, I accomplished something that neither of my parents had in graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree.

At times of personal celebration (graduations, performances, etc.), my father would unspokenly expect that after the ceremony, he would take me out with my stepmother for a small treat. I think it was his way of showing he cared; buying something as sweet as the accomplishment that was obtained.

There are pieces of the day that I graduated that stick with me; the outfit I wore, the decision I made to not attend a concert the night before because I was worried that I might be starting to become under the weather, and the end of the unpaid internship that I took in my final semester to gain experience in the Communications field.

I also may have forgotten what I ordered after walking across that stage, but that DOT Coffee Shop is where we ended up.

It was a common sight, not too far from campus. It’s 24 hour schedule allows for late night study sessions and the occasional finals prep meal. But, like any great coffee shop, the dessert case is a welcome sight for this mid century modern business.

The track this week is “Sugar Pie Guy” by The Joneses. The Soul and Funk tune just fits in my opinion with the desire of almost every patron that walks through DOT’s doors. The 45 was a rare find sifting through a stack at a local bookshop.

Much like that tradition of dessert after an accomplishment, finding a gem in a pile of 45’s, or using the skills that feed our souls I hope that seeing this Houston landmark is a sweet sight.

Take care of one another, y’all.

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