Beale St., Memphis, TN

Beale Street Shuffle, The Memphis Horns

Memphis is a city of which I want to spend more time in. It makes a very short list of places outside of Houston that if given more exposure, I believe would be on a personal “would move to” list. I greatly enjoyed my brief visit, despite the weather maybe not cooperating as I would have hoped during shooting.

Memphis carries history on its shoulders. The weight of pride also is balanced by the tragedies endured over time. Memphis, a city undoubtedly shaped by the Blues has seen it’s share of both tragedy and triumph; socially and fiscally.

What surprised me most about Memphis were the rough edges and clear neighborhood boundaries that maybe I had thought would have diminished over time. Yet alas, I felt as though I could assess a clear rendition of the phrase “the other side of the tracks”. However, if honest, I have made a point of enjoying myself more at the places that might lack a little extra shine. Doing so requires that you walk along the side of folks who have a dream and are bringing that to reality, despite circumstances maybe not always the most supportive.

To that end, I feel that might play into Memphis’ narrative. Yet, equally, for as often as Memphis could sing the blues, the same residents are affirmatively upbeat.

I ate pork ribs from Central BBQ which were so good that I returned for multiple meals in my trip. No lie; while I am clearly a Texas Brisket aficionado, if ever I start grilling, those Memphis ribs are a serious contender.

So, on a rainy day in Memphis, when maybe the weather would have been a deterrent, it acted as a cover against the streets being crowded. I parked at one side of Beale and shuffled my way up in the rain. It was a cool rain on a humid day more refreshing than repressive.

The track this week is “Beale Street Shuffle” from The Memphis Horns. There is something about a horn section that always can brighten my mood. Truly, it is the ultimate musical sweet spot of a happy feeling for me. This specifically was a local song that pinpointed a specific mood from a local group.

So for the many days that things seem gloomy, maybe the reason I appreciate Memphis is because of an ability to make the best with the resources we have and still dream big.

Let’s all take care of one another, y’all.

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