Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Spring, Texas

On the topic of Summer, many a date in the Summers of the 90’s were spent headed to Spring, for adventure at Splashtown. The local waterpark outlasted the once closer in proximity to our home “Water World” next to Houston’s Astroworld. Splashtown was a place to escape the everyday unscheduled summer day. Slap on enough sunscreen, grab your zinc and swim trunks, and get ready for a wild ride.

A trip to Spring required planning. Forget something and it would either go unused or cost you a premium to find at the park. Similarly, I find the preparation for Hurricane Season to be the same way. When Six Flags came in and purchased Splashtown, making the official name “Hurricane Harbor Splashtown”, I immediately realized there was a part of nostalgia that would pass with the addition. However, the time that the park has maintained an operation, has provided many a new memories for families for years to come. With the concerns of CoVid 19, the park was closed out of precautions, but reopens for Summer 2020 on June 29th.

I chose the song “Rock You Like a Hurricane” by Scorpions this week. Houston has a long history of Hurricane preparedness, summer being the season we see the start of the naming of the storms. Ultimately, where I was a little hesitant to select the tune, the narrative of adaptation that Houston has had toward Hurricanes which rock across our coast as well as Houston adapting to the transitions of it’s primary waterpark was fitting.

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