Allen’s Landing, Houston

Houston is a City of many aliases; Space City, Clutch City, Crush City, Htown, The H, HOU, HTX and The Bayou City. Harkening to our roots and our aspirations, however we choose to refer to this place, it always feels like home to me. For many, Houston becomes a second home, as we tout or diversity and cultural inclusion.

However, before we can address the place that Houston has become, it is important to highlight the origins of which generations have built it to grow.

Allen’s Landing is regarded by many as the Plymouth Rock of The Bayou City, where in 1836 August Chapman and John Kirby Allen stepped ashore and claimed Houston as their own. The site, at the intersection of Buffalo and White Oak Bayous lent way to Houston’s first port, serving as a commercial hub of trade and entrepreneurship.

Over years of neglect, Houston’s Buffalo Bayou Partnership lead the charge of revitalizing the area and maintaining the historic landmark.

Personally, I feel very lucky to have been born and raised in the Bayou City and Allen’s Landing is a reminder of not only where Houston was arguably established but a testament to how this City has continued to rediscover what it is we have to offer.

The music selection this week is Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Born on the Bayou”. When I purchased this 45, I was thinking that I would use it for a location in or around New Orleans. And, if we are honest CCR’s “Fortunate Son” is a wager worthy staple in every Vietnam Era film. Maybe not always the feeling I would include for my hometown. Yet, “Born on the Bayou” just ended up hitting the nail on the head for this site.

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