Smither Park, Houston

Mosaic art, be it sculpture or other formats, is unique in that it pieces together the fragmented remainders of otherwise broken objects to define it’s own shape and pattern. The variety of each piece input in the work helps to uniquely shape the composite of it’s new identity.

I’d like to think that each shape of the upcycled fitted work ends up being the byproduct of something custom designed, that there is a greater plan in mind, but I also find beauty in the cosmic wonder of things worked to fit in place. That there are equal parts of form created by structured and disciplined routine as well as “making the best” of the resources present to piece together the rest.

That sounds poetic but in reality plays out as more of an 80/20 split that can just as easily turn the tables on a paradigm. Best laid plans, am I right?

Smither Park in Houston showcases quite a bit of Mosaic sculpture across a half acre plot created by a community in third ward alongside designer Dan Phillips and a vision cast by the late Stephanie Smither in memory of her husband, John H. Smither.

The location has an amphitheater, swings, a pavilion and a memory wall, decorated in a mosaic style, showcasing bold and brighg pieces as well as monochromatic work as well.

The track selected this week is “Colors” from The Black Pumas out of Austin. The 45 is a live cut from a performance that I was able to pick up at Cactus Music. I felt that the obvious connection of the song to the many sights one takes in while traveling around Smither Park, but I also thought that in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day on 4/22/2020, Smither Park was a great fit.

I think that in light of recent events with social distancing, reminding myself of the bright, the repurposed and the beautiful creations around us all is the way that I am keeping my head up. I hope that you can say the same. Until our next bright spot and in all the time between; stay safe, stay healthy, and look out for one another.

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