Coushatta Casino, Kinder, Louisiana

Hitting a jackpot is statistically rare, which is to say that each time a chance is taken and falls short of a win, the amount of the win becomes that much greater in time. So, to the committed participant is only really investing more into the process to obtain that sweet payoff of the times the numbers align.

There is entertainment in certain levels of risk and reward, though each person may have a different tolerance level of risk. There are plenty of factors that play a role in how readily we arrive at the table; our myriad of past experiences, the design of our dreams, and how patient we are willing to be in the process.

This week looks to be pretty crazy from what I can tell, with many of us preparing for the wave of Corona-19 for our response. We will look toward the face, yet again, of an uncertain future and step into decisions we may have never expected to make in order to love and care for our selves and communities in ways that are at best guided by love and light, supported by science, common sense and conventional wisdom. I wasn’t exactly thinking I would include this global pandemic as it is more topical than what I usually write about, yet I feel that this is important to mention, even if briefly before we return to our regularly scheduled program. What may at times seem unsurmountable can indeed be overcome with time, effort, generosity and grace if we continually return to face the challenge with persistence and tenacity.

However, back to the topic at hand; Have you ever lucked out on a friendship? One that is not like the brief acquaintances you meet along the way, but instead is steadfast and grown over time and experience? That kind of friendship is valuable, and is compiled in my mind like the jackpots of casinos, much like Coushatta. Each failed encounter only makes finding the people who are truly supportive through the feast and famine.

I was prepared to write about a specific friend this week, someone which a few of you know if you have followed along the writing for a minute. He is someone who I have shared many a dark moments with, yet always finds a way to cheer loudest for my “reaching the summit” achievements as well. He is generous of his time and resources, and has been a solid friend to always provide honest feedback.

All of which still ring true, however, I am currently back to being topical to share another experience from this week. Over the past few years, I have struggled with creating products for the site, truly doubting whether or not there was enough of a solid reader base to secure merchandise that could help fund the overhead cost of what goes on here, even if to only offset costs. I have carried around the financial liability through Red Bandit, as this really has been a wonderful byproduct of imagination and the desire to invest in storytelling. I hope that each week we whimsically fall together into locations I’ve known or had the pleasure to stumble across.

Last Friday, I was gifted in an unexpected way. I ordered my very first Red Bandit Media tee from a designer I collaborated with. If it tanked, “it was a one off”, I thought. However it arrived Friday and was spectacular! I was so excited that I shot my first self portrait using a camera timer and tripod I recently acquired for another project at my 9-5. Not only was I able to finally invest in myself in such an outward way, but I was able to share it with family and friends alike who may still not know what it is that I do. And while I don’t write for affirmation from my peers, Friday felt like a confirmation that this is (finally!) something gaining traction. I was able to see many of the community that I can rely upon when I need. So, thank you, truly to the many of you who have reached out across platforms to share excitement, encouragement, and support of this dream I keep chasing.

I am working on a first edition preorder run of the shirts (available in unisex preshrunk cotton sizes S-3XL) for considerations of $40. If you are interested, please contact me through the site contact page with your size and we can discuss payment/delivery.

The track this week is Pink Floyd’s “Money” from “The Dark Side of The Moon”. The track starts with the most synonymous cash register sounds, something that seems to fit in the gaming industry. But, outside of the financial transaction, I like to consider the friends who are there in the dark times to be the sun to my moon which brightens my presence. Thanks for sticking on this journey as we all figure it out together.

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