Magic Island, Houston

Let’s just assume that in the 90’s magic made a hard push to be “of interest” to budding hobbyists of all ages. These weren’t the era’s of Harry Houdini or P.C. Sorcar, but Vegas Acts like Siegfried and Roy (including all the white tigers), David Copperfield and Val Valentino (Masked Magician) were all coming off their heyday, if not fleetingly trying to stay relevant. Intricately designed tricks and death defying stunts were performed much to the shagrin of audiences worldwide. The landscape of the medium was changing as well as weekly television programs would allow for performances outside of showcases and supper club traditions of times past. But there was something to the supper club idea that I was well too young for growing up in Houston. We had Magic Island in all of it’s Egyptian themed glory. Currently in process of renovation for a reboot soon, Magic Island was always an iconic part of an area of Houston near where I grew up.

When I was about 12, I was given a couple of magic books to read. It was probably as much a tactic to keep me engaged as it was to teach me any real magic. One book I remember reading was by Penn Jillette, one part of the duo Penn & Teller. While I don’t remember much of the slight of hand for card tricks, I do remember the gag of glueing a small red felt ball on an old ID to use anytime one travels. The felt looks like a red clown nose when you show it off. I have a passport renewal coming up sometime soon, so maybe I’ll finally pull off some magic.

The track this week is pretty cringeworthy, but when I saw the title and 45 jacket, I knew that I would challenge myself to use it. The song is Jimmy Angel’s “Touch Me with Magic”. And if a picture (ID!) is worth 1000 words, I’ll just let this one ride.

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