The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

The horror genre of writing and film is not one that I have really invested in, admittedly. The closest that I can say I got to fanboying over anything was when I, like a rebel, (totally laughable now) decided to write a book report on Stephen King’s “Misery” in 7th grade. Yes, I read the book, long before trying to incorporate any visuals of Kathy Bates imprisoning and torturing a writer. However, the author has a lineage of work to choose from, which has rightfully earned it’s way to the forefront of my mind. When considering Stephen King’s contributions to literature and entertainment, there are few other artists who come to mind as a more fitting culmination to a week of haunting posts.

The Stanley Hotel was actually under a renovation as I visited, which robbed of an unobstructed view of a grand exterior, picturesque in one of King’s screen adaptation’s “The Shining”. I traveled from Denver that day to arrive to a respectable amount of fanfare. There is a gift shop with plenty of memorabilia tied to the story’s success.

The interior of the hotel has a lodge feel, with hues of hunter green, tobacco brown and navy blues. Large brown leather sofas with aged brass nails beading the arms and lining the edges of the pieces greet you in the lobby as you arrive. I honestly am reaching for what it was that had me so gassed at the time, but I remember just wanting to crash into the welcoming furniture upon my arrival like a young child in a parent’s lap. There was the heat of a nearby fireplace warming the moment of the chilled Colorado air.

The upstairs of the hotel, with quite possibly one of the most iconic corridors in cinema, is closed to visitors who are not staying at the hotel. I opted to not make myself a persona non grata by snooping around for an additional photo.

Stanley himself was a very successful man, and was able to establish an empire more expansive than just beautiful property for guests, including a (much lower cut than the film) hedge maze.

The track this week is from the famed “Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”. Quoted from the movie, I felt it would be a fine welcome to our final entry into the series.

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