St. Arnold Brewing Co., Houston

St. Arnold’s has continued it’s growth on Houston’s Industrial North East Side of Downtown. The brewery turned family friendly destination has made large strides to connect with the City’s young professional population and it’s ever growing expansion has proven that has paid off. The claim of being Texas’ Oldest Craft Brewery isn’t just a fun fact to share at parties, the team actually takes pride in producing soulful and full flavored beers since it started in 1994.

Admittedly, I took this photo in the stairwell of the original brewery building during the construction of a newer beer garden and restaurant located on their acquired property. I knew that I wanted to feature the brewery, but I kept pushing off trying to schedule anything, thinking I might return for the purpose of showing you a little more of the newer areas. But as time elapsed and each week something else would get scheduled, I told myself that there just wasn’t the right feel for the selected track. Today, that changes and I am proud to let you know about this awesome little corner of Houston.

St. Arnold’s has created a space for people to get together and enjoy parts of what our City has to offer, hosting weekly events not limited to the sports schedule, but opening up it’s doors to art and music events. One of my favorites is an annual event named “It Came From The Bayou”. Local printmakers gather each April to showcase their work as well as celebrate the community. As I have a birthday around the time frame of the “Bayou” Event (shoutout @burningbonespress and @electriccalavera), I was able to invite a group of friends to gather around a table and catch up and celebrate. It was fun, worry free and rich with culture that highlighted some of Houston’s best.

St. Arnold’s has a wonderful tradition on a patron’s birthday by supplying a special glass filled with the brew (or Root Beer, for the non alcoholic) of their choice for free. The Bayou event was a couple of days before my actual birthday, but you can bet that I claimed my own glass (and Root Beer, to boot).

As much as the events and traditions bring people to their doors, St. Arnolds does a great job of being active all around the city as well. The host pub crawls, have distribution in much of the City’s restaurant scene and even have vehicles to participate in Houston’s Art Car Parade. Below is a picture similar to one I snapped on my last visit before errantly deleting it in an upload. If they ever decide to sell it, I’d like to add my name to the long list of folks who would be honored to drive it.

The song this week is the classic “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin. Outside of the last week being a really rough week between National Suicide Prevention Awareness, the 18th Anniversary of 9/11, and the loss of Daniel Johnston; I just needed something that reminds me that worry will only get us so far. St. Arnolds has always been a place that in that way, even if for an hour or two with friends, I can leave my inhibitions at the door and enjoy myself (responsibly).

I hope the song does the same for you and that we can move into the week with a smile.

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