Old Library of Trinity College, Dublin

This year’s winning submission for the 2019 DIY Boombox Worldwide Contest arrives courtesy Catherine Z. who showed off and snapped a photo inside of Trinity College’s “Old Library” in Dublin, Ireland.

I selected the photo because of the range of depth that it fields. The hall extends and creates a beautiful line of sight that encourages the eyes to wander across. Additionally, I felt that the illustration of the boombox was fitting in a library filled with “rich mahogany and many leather-bound books”. The juxtaposition of the image of a device designed to make noise in a place where excess noise is frowned upon is also not lost on me.

When reached out for a further story or insight on the photo, Catherine has yet to respond by the time of this publication.

I selected the Garth Brooks 90’s country classic, “Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)” to pair with a location that has Old already in its title. The verse addresses a competition getting younger, something that the written/printed word has long held in its sight with the invention of new technologies and means to acquire the information. Fear not, however, there is still hope for the written and printed word.

So, as you drum roll (on your lap or trapper keeper) here is what Catherine has won (and can claim within 30 days);

  • “Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)” 7″ Record by Garth Brooks
  • “Green Balloon” LP by Tank and The Bangas
  • A limited edition 12″ Moon print courtesy of @riseandwander and the very talented Aftyn Shah
  • An assortment of 5 new CDs courtesy of Polyvinyl records.
  • A custom #haveboomboxwilltravel 45 record adaptor made by Dr. Diggns 45 Record adaptors
  • A 1 of 1, never before and never again published story personally typed and signed by Ryan P.
  • Bragging rights as the competition winner for all of 2019

Thank you to all who submitted photos, this truly is a bright spot that I am very thankful to you all for. Your support is invaluable to making this blog something that will continue to scale in time. With each “like, share and follow” you make here or on social media channels, you support the arts of storytelling, songwriting, mixed media, vinyl collection and presentation. All donations to the site go directly in supporting our overhead costs. Thank you again for caring enough to check in weekly, tell all your friends about what is happening here and letting me know how certain pieces transport you in your journey.

All the best!


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