Exclusive 45 Record Adapters are now available for preorder. Shipping begins 02/18/2019!

The time has finally arrived to present the beautiful record adapters we have collaborated with @drdiggns on to support the overhead costs of the blog. For the low cost of a $25 donation, you can secure one of the very limited and never-to-press-this-design-again record adapters as a gift!

Find the link to our gift and donation page below: www.haveboomboxwilltravel.com/gift-and-donation

You can securely donate with Paypal. Please designate a shipping address in the continental United States or note local pick up for folks in the Houston, Texas area, if that is more your style.

Each gift helps cover the cost of hosting video on the site, as well as helping the content arrive weekly.

Shipping will begin 02/18/2019. See product photos below and find the great handmade craftsmanship involved in the process. We have been very selective about choosing limited run products that not only look great, but are functional as well as sturdy.

If you have questions about the adapters, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Finally, if you are interested in creating your own 45 adapters, grab some inspiration and check out what Dr. Diggns can do for you by clicking here. Let ’em know we sent you and we’ll include a free air high five!

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