Prada Marfa, Valentine, Texas

Like many American Tales, I followed a call to head West. Not for fortune, not out of fear (Fievel reference, anyone?), not even to “settle down” but because I find peace in escapes that include serene, panoramic views and scarcely populated areas. Such locations are a special break from the crowded freeways and often times exhausting realities of Houston. I recognize that monotony arises out of familiarity, so any place that we wake up in consistently statistically has the ability to lose some of it’s shine over time. I’d like to think that getaways, much like this one out west, revitalize my perspective and reaffirm some of the reasons I really do love calling Houston home.

Prada Marfa is somewhat of a study in people and culture as much as it is an art instillation. The idea of a designer accessory store mock up in the middle of West Texas itself is a statement about how and what people value. It’s obscure in the big sky valleys surrounded by natural mountain ranges at the horizon to find this small display on the outskirts of a moderately populated town. But latching onto that most obscure of ideas developed a culture of twenty and thirty somethings getting selfies in front of the tall reflective glass windows with canopy treatment reading the distinctive designer label. We clamored for the consumer goods by way of our vanity and in turn, our reaction becomes as much a part of the art as anything.

I’m not immune to this. I’m not writing from a perspective of being above it. In addition to a boombox shot, I also secured my next submission to GQ, for anyone looking to vote by mail in ballot to feature me on the cover. Any takers? I guess not many folks are sending in snail mail these days. Anyway, in all seriousness, I struck a pose and became a part of the art too.

So, go ahead, freak out. And by that, I mean, whether in the setting sun of Valentine, Texas or from the comfort of your home or office: strike your pose. Make your moment.

The track I chose was almost runner up to Madonna’s “Vogue”, and a smidge above Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Relax” but I felt that the upbeat tempo of Chic’s “Le Freak” was better suited for the shot.

——— Now, the big news I have been hyping up all week!———

Once I started posting the blog, I wanted to think of creative ways to fund it so that it is self sustaining through at least a majority of overhead hosting costs. I’d love to supplement the vinyl feature budget and travel costs to new locations some day, but I also am taking this one step at a time.

So, to help do this, I will be offering limited run product lines that deliver to you with a donation of a certain amount or more.

I have been in preliminary discussions with some great artisans both near and far (@fluidcut, @nightowlsprint, @drdiggns) to dream up some practical, well made, and truly spectacular product ideas. I have pondered many options and I want to bring you the best, and things that I enjoy using.

I’m proud to announce that coming soon will be a very limited number of exclusive handmade #haveboomboxwilltravel acrylic 45 record adapters by @drdiggns. The prototypes will be previewed in advance on @cratesancrowns IG before the release. While the adaptors will not be the same color as those pictured below, here is an example of the adaptor work @drdiggns creates;

Every donation received in exchange for an adaptor as a thank you is making this blog possible. Also, with the exclusive releases, it reduces the blog always asking for donations to keep the content fresh and ready for you each week. If you have questions, fee free to reach out. 2019 is primed to make some major waves and I’m so grateful for your support along the way.

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