One Year of Boombox

It’s been a year since I started grabbing the vintage boombox to take with me both near and far. Technically, the date would have conflicted with MLK Day this year, but I realize that it’s not a competition. This has been a year of inspiration, a year of learning, a year of honing skill and a year of expression.

And I am filled with gratitude for those who have made this possible. Those underwriting the overhead; Those who have tagged along on the journey; Those following, sharing, liking and commenting.

In 2019, there are some amazing additions to not only the featured locations, but how we are funding the underwriting of the blog costs. More to come on that Friday.

For now, we have a beautiful mocha tres leches cake from @elbolillobakery in Houston, and 3 more boombox posts to write this week. Let’s listen to Eddie Hodges sing “Bandit of My Dreams” and make it a great one.

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