Art Meets Science, The Heights

Have you ever been convinced that something you have passed multiple times appears in one way only to find that your eyes have deceived you? That’s pretty much how I found “Art Meets Science” by Fariba Abedin. As I would pass Heights Blvd. on the North side of I-10, I sincerely thought the shape was more like that of a Three. However, as production day came about (basically, a nice day outside at a reasonable hour), with record selected, I smirked and shrugged off my mistake. I was confident that regardless of the planning, this post would come together in the end.

I have been continually impressed with the geometric pattern and design choices that Fariba Abedin produces and has displayed at her studio in Silver Street Studios nearby. The bright and bold color palate combines with the precision the patterns require. check out information on the artist and her many works here.

The music selection this week comes from Chance the Rapper, a Chicago based MC who inevitably has not ever released “The Coloring Book” LP on vinyl. The selection comes from the track “Blessings”. The Coloring Book is Chance’s third release, and the rapper had become known for his trademark “3” baseball cap.

I read a fascinating article about the pirating of vinyl. I was researching the process in search of another Chicago based MC’s albums that was never officially released. Where many consumers might be deterred by reading an article about this process, I wanted to test my luck; partly to report for the blog and somewhat just because I was willing to risk foreign account money wiring for the piece. Suburban life calls for cheap thrills sometimes, plus I find irony in an underground art market that we read about forged works, that the underground market for pirated vinyl. I paid more than I normally would for a record and waited a little longer on shipping than an Amazon Prime account for sure, but I had success securing the record for the shot.

Chance didn’t release his mixtape via hard copy on his own label because he instead makes his profit from dedicated fans who attend his live shows and purchase his merch. Chance has released his work via streaming sites. He creates because he is inspired and in that sense, releases something he is passionate about.

Music in many ways is art combined with math. The mixture of ideas in time is a crossroads much similar to Art and Science, even.

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