#MoonGARDEN at Discovery Green, Houston

Sometimes there are things that push us into something greater. Things that are a deviation from any conceivable plan and end up better than an original outcome. Sometimes that is a boisterous life change, moreoften, simple 5 degree turns. Over time, as we reflect, sometimes it’s the right 5 degrees that sets us onto an entirely different trajectory than originally planned. I selected the Kid Cudi record not only for the name of the title of the LP “Man on The Moon” to play in the #moonGarden, but instead because the track equates for me a sense of temporary existence. We all are chasing happiness.

I am not the first to say that our lives are like passing ships in the night. As the city fawns (and rightfully so) on the temporary art installation, all that can flash through my head is indeed the temporary nature, prompting a greater level of care and consideration.

So may we use this as a reminder to push ourselves to be greater. Let us be reminded of the beautiful bright and shiny parts of our lives. And let’s honor them while they are here, and the 5 degree turns that inevitably can drive us past what we plan and into something greater.

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