The Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner, Texas

Happy #IndependenceDay from Have Boombox Will Travel!

This week, we wound up in #Shiner Texas at the Spoetzl Brewing Company, most notably associated with producing Shiner Beer!

Shiner, much like other Texas products previously featured on the blog (Blue Bell Ice Cream and Dr. Pepper) holds a special place for many locals. It’s just one of those products that travels with you through phases of your life. In a sense, it becomes part of the tradition, whatever your tradition. It’s the beer at your family 4th of July get together (which those legally old enough to drink) can agree upon. Beer may actually be the only thing you agree on. It’s usually considered an import at every venue you attend, despite it being created 127 miles west of Houston.

Shiner itself makes for a great day trip, and the fine folks at Spoetzl will gladly offer you a tour of the brewery at designated times listed on their site, and even have samples of limited run and long time favorites in their gift shop. Each visit is awarded with small wooden tokens you can exchange for samples. Fun fact you learn on the tour is that each week, every employee is allowed to take home a free case of beer.

Shiner just encapsulates what I think Texas stands for; pride in working hard and appreciating where you are, wherever that may be.

Long time followers of boombox may have noticed in early posts on the instagram page, that I own a Shiner neon light which I am quite fond of. Searching for the neon was fairly easy, and it is ready for a mancave as soon as I buy one.

The track this week is from another Texas Legend; Ernest Tubb singing “Waltz Across Texas”. The song, actually penned by Tubb’s nephew Billy Talmadge, has become a standard request in dancehalls for those who know a step or two. Tubb, regularly appearing in a white 10 gallon hat, a pin striped blazer with a western flare, and a tie sporting a buckaroo knot is unmistakably a Texas Troubadour.

Similarly, when I see Shiner, regional in the majority of it’s distribution, I think unmistakably Texas.

Have a wonderful 4th of July, be safe out there, remember that you want to start and end the night with the same number of fingers. And thanks for spending some time with me this week.



Editor’s note: Aside from the wooden tokens, a tour, and samples of beer I traded the tokens in for; I have not received compensation for this post. I just really like what Shiner does. Go meet ’em, they really are great people. And if someone in Shiner wanted to reach out with some swag (though I have purchased quite a bit already), I’ll further continue to fanboy out. #shamelessplug

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