Worldwide DIY Boombox Contest, 2018

On a recent out of state vacation, I packed the boombox in a checked luggage suitcase and took my chances with TSA.

“There has got to be a better way”, I thought to myself, and it was around that time that the idea of an Annual DIY Boombox Worldwide Challenge arrived! $5 later, 3-4 revisions later, the below was created:

I have experienced such a joy sharing what #haveboomboxwilltravel is and the journey that it has afforded so far. As a result of said joy and many warm receptions I naturally want to share #haveboomboxwilltravel in with you in a new way this summer; in all of your travels. So, between now and Labor Day 2018, if you print out this shareable line drawing of boombox (feel free to decorate away!) and take a picture with/of it in your travels, you could win a #haveboomboxwilltravel care package and be featured on the blog! You too could be internet famous!

That’s right! One entry emailed to before 11:59pm CST on 9/3/2018 will be selected to receive their own feature (including a vinyl record pairing and write up using your photo) and a very special #haveboomboxwilltravel care package! Aside from bragging rights, the winner will be heftily rewarded with a unique and one of a kind gift from the blog. Due to the top secret nature of said care package, prepare to be amazed when you win. This is going to be EPIC!

Important contest details:

Here’s what I ask you include in the body of your email:

-Your Name(s)

-Location of the photo, including City/State

-The actual photo, preferably a high definition rendering

All entries must be received before 11:59pm CST on 9/3/2018

So, get creative! Have fun with the challenge! I’m looking forward to seeing the amazing and even quirky things you present either traveling abroad or the best part of your hometown! (Staycations totally count)

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